I don`t remember much of my week. The only day I remember is today.

I did Biztown, ate lunch, played with Tessa, Kate and Isabella, Played more truth or dare, Spied on people from under the table, and played terraria.

Wow. o.O

I am sad about my last post, it had no details. Winter break was good, and Christmas was awesome. I got The Sims 3, An AO T-shirt, Some pants, A bathrobe and slippers, A crystal, A chakra bracelet, A crappy book, 2 Pearls Before Swine books, and a lot of other stuff.

Watching other people open their presents was boring.

I remember making a blog post about that time me and some other people went apple picking on my other blog. It`s kind of confusing because I refrained from using names. It was good, though.

One of the best parts of it was that I finally got on the computer at the same time as my friend that went to my other school, and we texted about animals, ships, and Annoying Orange. And I also texted Henry, who goes to my old school as well.

There was a lot of other stuff that happened, but I`m not going to bore you with details. Bye!


Dog vs. Me

The hairy monster attacked me like I was a piece of food that had been carelessly dropped on the floor. I only had a fluffy, plaid pillow to use against it, yet I was confident. At first, the battle seemed easy enough, guarding myself with the pillow to keep from being bitten. But when the raging dog-monster had switched to the other side of the blue chair, I was helpless.

I was bitten again and again, but I kept taking every bite, so that I wouldn’t look weak. Just as it looked like I was about to be eaten alive, the horrible beast`s guardian made it stop. Though it had, in fact, stopped, the creature had started building an attack fort. It had started to focus those malicious, murderous eyes on me and I knew it was searching my brain for weakness.

Though I am now sitting here writing, I know it is scheming the most horrible, vicious attack plans for the next time we meet.

I hate labeling posts

So Monday and Tuesday I forgot what happened. Wednesday started out bad but turned awesome. I made a Rainbow Derp fort and a book cover! Thursday was mainly driving which was fine with me, actually. If you want kids to know each other and get along, then sit them in the back of a moving car for 5 hours. Friday was where neither Caleb nor Isabella was there, so I played werewolves and watched a show with Kate and Elisha and let Tessa play on my Ipad and burned things with Ayan for a little bit. You know, stuff.

Day 6

I just did daydreaming. I love my daydreams because they usually involve me conquering everything I hate.

Anyway my day was pretty cool. I went to Latta park and did STUFF. Also I ate and did a lot of keyboard, but I did not eat the keyboard. I also played with Ayan and Kate because we burned stuff and made floo powder. I also made 2 rage comics at school and 2 rage comics at home. Today was fairly productive.




Day 5

Right now it`s raining and really dark. It`s also freezing inside of the house. And it`s 3:00 am.


So my week was mostly good except for Friday because I got really bored with almost everything except the cab driver game when I was a squirrel-loving woman. I liked Thursday a lot because in the afternoon me and Tessa were just sitting in the lunch room, eating raisins and watching violent video game videos like the bosses we are. I also liked Wednesday because I got to go to Latta Park and the car ride there was fun but the car ride back was not. Also I did a lot of gaming. So yeah……. bye.

Day 5

I wish I did not get so bored on the weekends. I also wish that I would stop being lazy and actually write a blog post on the correct day. Behold a small portion of what I worked on today:my_sploder_graphic I might make more. WE WILL SEE!

Day 2

I spent most of my time reading hyperbole and a half. I also played with Kate a little. Also i ate popsicle. it was nice.


Insert from Nancy: This week in Spawn Point, I asked the kids to choose some categories for “ways to spend time at school” that felt really important to them. Then we color coded each category to see how many things we do each day in those categories when we reflect. At the end of the day, the kids color their stickies if they match a category and store them in the labeled envelope.


Day 1

Today is Friday. I am upset because i want more time, and i want more time because i need to do doulingo and khan school. But today was mostly good because i played capture the flag. It was fun but i got tired and hungry. Then i watched as Tessa and someone else drank weird smoothies.