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GUeSs WhAt? (Not chicken butt)

Today. Was. AWESOME.

Kate gave me a fart gun which was a really bad idea because I let Jackson borrow it. He used it for 4 hours yet he didn’t get bored. I had a pillow fight with Ayan and I half won because saying that I half won sounds more awesome than saying that I tied. The highlight of my day was when Kate, Jackson, and I were a spirit-destroying team. Kate used an app to hunt for spirits and she was the leader. When the spirits were found, I hit them with pillows and Jackson blasted them with a fart gun until they died. We played it for about… an hour and a half. And after school Kate is going to my house to sleep over.

P.s. I had a dream last night. It was in my old schools hallway. I entered one of the classrooms and then the school turned into an expensive bank and there was a wooden table with 7 nice-looking bowls of fruit put outside. Nancy was sitting there and so were Isabella, Zack, Tessa and Caleb. And 2 blurry people. And there is more but I want to end this post.

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