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Dog vs. Me

The hairy monster attacked me like I was a piece of food that had been carelessly dropped on the floor. I only had a fluffy, plaid pillow to use against it, yet I was confident. At first, the battle seemed easy enough, guarding myself with the pillow to keep from being bitten. But when the raging dog-monster had switched to the other side of the blue chair, I was helpless.

I was bitten again and again, but I kept taking every bite, so that I wouldn’t look weak. Just as it looked like I was about to be eaten alive, the horrible beast`s guardian made it stop. Though it had, in fact, stopped, the creature had started building an attack fort. It had started to focus those malicious, murderous eyes on me and I knew it was searching my brain for weakness.

Though I am now sitting here writing, I know it is scheming the most horrible, vicious attack plans for the next time we meet.

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