This week was pretty boring but I watched videos with Ari and I drew pictures of pineapple people so that was nice. I learned how to draw different poses. I also wrote a story about a giant butthole trying to kill a cloud and a pile of dirt. and I probably did some other stuff but I forgot what it was.

Enter title here

I am Seth, Seth the vampire.

But we don’t have time for silly introductions.

Toof, my vampire baby, is being taken. People have put us in coffins and his was separated. I would have hopped out of my coffin and saved him, but it`s noon and vampires can’t come out until night and I have to wait until night to rescue him.

All of the vampires were taken to a house in the middle of nowhere. At least, that was what it looked like from the tiny air holes poked through the coffin.

It was finally night. I opened the coffin and took a step out. The walls were pink with daisies painted on them. The floor was made to look like grass and the air smelled like air freshener.

“This must be what hell is like” thought Seth as he tiptoed through the house, careful not to make any noise. There were too many coffins. I would never find Toof at this point.

Suddenly, a sharp pain shot through my shoulder. It was a tranquilizing dart.

I passed out and found myself in a coffin. However, this time their weren’t air holes. Every vampire was locked in a coffin without air holes until they died.

I have no common sense apparently

Looking back on some of the posts, I had absolutely no common sense at the beginning of school. I had to delete some posts just so that nobody would see them.


But some posts good. You should look at those.


Highlights of this week:

  1. Playing bananagrams
  2. Playing ping pong with the blackboard
  3. Doing forensics
  4. Bringing my computer to school
  5. Playing with the stuffed penguin
  6. Playing cards with Liberty
  7. Building a really high block tower
  8. Playing Fart Sniper with Jackson
  9. Just being awesome in general

P.S. I just read my last post. I obviously had a really fun day. FARTS.

GUeSs WhAt? (Not chicken butt)

Today. Was. AWESOME.

Kate gave me a fart gun which was a really bad idea because I let Jackson borrow it. He used it for 4 hours yet he didn’t get bored. I had a pillow fight with Ayan and I half won because saying that I half won sounds more awesome than saying that I tied. The highlight of my day was when Kate, Jackson, and I were a spirit-destroying team. Kate used an app to hunt for spirits and she was the leader. When the spirits were found, I hit them with pillows and Jackson blasted them with a fart gun until they died. We played it for about… an hour and a half. And after school Kate is going to my house to sleep over.

P.s. I had a dream last night. It was in my old schools hallway. I entered one of the classrooms and then the school turned into an expensive bank and there was a wooden table with 7 nice-looking bowls of fruit put outside. Nancy was sitting there and so were Isabella, Zack, Tessa and Caleb. And 2 blurry people. And there is more but I want to end this post.